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Aelius is an ongoing free software, open source project aiming at developing a suite of Python, NLTK-based modules and interfaces to external freely available tools for shallow parsing of Brazilian Portuguese. It also includes language resources such as language models, sample texts, and gold standards. Presently, Aelius already offers facilities for POS-tagging and chunking corpora and outputting annotations in different formats, such as in XML in the TEI P5 encoding scheme. This project was registered on SourceForge.net on April 9, 2011 and has been under continuous development since then.


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Aelius is maintained by Leonel Figueiredo de Alencar, a theoretical and computational linguist at the Universidade Federal do Ceará in Brazil, coordinator of the Research Group "Natural Language and Computation" (Grupo CompLin – Computação e Linguagem Natural). For questions regarding Aelius, please carefully consult the project documentation before asking for support, otherwise you should preferably follow the 'Get support' link above instead of emailing the project maintainer, so that other users may benefit from your questions. For comments or suggestions you can contact the maintainer at firstname.de.lastname[at]ufc.br.

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